Cost Effective Sydney Stays

Sydney has one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire world: the Sydney Opera House. The city also exists within one of the most revered tourist hotspot countries, Australia (although it isn’t the capital city, as often thought). It is, therefore, no wonder that so many people want to visit, experiencing the laidback culture, world famous beaches and weather, as well as taking in the many sights.

Sydney Barbour Bridge

Sydney Barbour Bridge

There are also many people who want to visit but fear that the costs of such a trip are prohibitive. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as accommodation can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Of course, there are some top class hotels that can dent your wallet, but there are also a number of hostels in Sydney, providing a great place to rest and recuperate between busy days. Continue reading


Free time retreats in downtown Sydney

No gap year in Australia is complete without visiting the city of Sydney with its world famous harbour and landmarks such as the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge – also fondly known as The Coathanger.

Living in any city can be expensive and if you’re on your gap year in Australia then you will no doubt be restricted to a tight budget. The hostels are great in Sydney and are usually very well located. There are plenty of things to do to while enjoying your free time, especially in downtown Sydney and many don’t even cost a thing.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Palm Trees

Sydney Harbour Bridge Palm Trees

The best free things to do would be to take a walk around Circular Quay and watch the ferry’s coming in and out of the idyllic harbour.

To the left of the quay is the Museum of Contemporary Art which is free to visit. There is a distinguished display of Australian artists and there is a great gift shop for less obvious souvenirs. Continue reading

Benefits of Greyhound bus travel in Australia

Greyhound bus travel is one of the best and most cost effective ways to see Australia. There is a great network that allows you to travel all over the country.

One of the benefits of the Greyhound bus in Australia is that you can book your journey from A to B but there is flexibility to hop on and hop off if that takes your fancy. So for example if you book from Sydney to Brisbane, you might want to get off at Port Macquarie or Surfers Paradise on the way.

Greyhound bus in AustraliaBus passes can be valid for up to 12 months and you can purchase passes with credit of 50 km to 20,000 km. You can do any number of trip combinations until you run out and then top up if you are so inclined. If you want to travel the whole of Australia, then it could cost you as little as AUD$1 per kilometre!

Greyhound buses in Australia are great if you want the freedom and have the time to travel and explore.  They’ll be lots of like-minded travellers on the bus too so you can share tips on where to find accommodation at your next destination and what attractions to pursue. Continue reading

Adventure Excursions For Adrenaline Seekers

Every year more and more people are heading to the sunny climes of Australia for exploration and work purposes. Travelling around Australia can be completed as part of a group or you can plan your own itinerary and witness this beautiful continent at your own pace in a campervan. Whatever your style, there is something that will fit your travelling preferences all helped via the guidance of our expert consultants.

Australia is diverse in terms of people, habitats and weather offering a wide range of things to see and do for all. Whether you want to sample the wines of the famous Hunter Valley, drive The Great Ocean Road and visit the Twelve Apostles or grab your board and head down to Bondi Beach, you can squeeze in as much or as little as you like.

Adventure Travel

Our diverse range of adventure travel excursions and holidays draw in a wide range of first time adrenaline seekers as well as the seasoned and wild regulars who need their next fix of heart pumping fun. Try our Contiki 18-35 packages for non-stop fun including snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and other pulse raising adventure tours.

Those searching for a more intimate experience can opt for our small and personal packages which include Uluru safaris and adventures to the beautiful Airlie Beach and Fraser Island. All our packages include travel, hostel style accommodation, expert guides and guaranteed fun. Best of all, everything is tailored to your specific needs making your experience unique to you.

You can even plan trips and excursions en route meaning that you decide where and when you travel. Leave your stress and planning worries to us and get packing for the ultimate Aussie adventure!

Day trips out of Sydney: Visiting the Blue Mountains

There are plenty of day trips out of Sydney. When planning your gap year travel in Australia, remember it’s not just about beaches! The Blue Mountains are a popular trip and lay just a 50 minute drive from Sydney.  There are also regular trains and plenty of tour companies that will take you there if you prefer to go in a group.

Australia Blue Mountains

Australia Blue Mountains

Photo opportunities not to be missed include the Three Sisters, which you’ll see on all the postcards. These magnificent rock formations stand tall, emerging from all the eucalyptus trees that expand way out into the horizon.

It’s the oil released from these trees that give off a blue halo, hence the Blue Mountains’ name.

Imagine yourself as a great adventurer discovering the region for the first time as you stand proud at one of the lookout points. It’s an experience to remember and maybe recommend to other gap year travellers. The mountains are great for walks and hikes with all routes well signposted for different levels and abilities. Whichever level you choose, make sure you are fully equipped, remembering walking boots, plenty of water and waterproofs! Walking up and down the 800 hundred or so stairs of the Giant Stairway can turn your legs into jelly but the stunning views make it all worthwhile.

Don’t worry too much if you are caught in the rain; when it stops, you might be lucky enough to catch the rainbows that dart high across the trees – yet another money-can’t-buy moment during your gap year travel.  Dry off and relax in the town of Katoomba. Treat yourself to tea and scones in a local cafe or browse the various boutiques. It will feel like you stepped back in time!

Explore the dramatic Australian outback and Uluru

Gap year in AustraliaCamping in the Australian outback under the open sky, staring up at a dome of stars is exactly the kind of experience students usually hope for when planning a gap year in Australia.

Gap years in Australia often pack in as much as possible with various activities on offer Down Under encompassing everything from learning to surf to hugging a koala; visiting Ayers Rock to camping in the outback.

Outback trips usually comprise an early morning pick up from Alice Springs for an exciting four-and-a-half hour drive across the flat red plains.  After learning about how the giant sacred rock (also known as Uluru) was formed and some aboriginal history, why not hike around the base at your own leisure? Craters and changing formations make it look surreal and out of this world.

A highlight upon gap year travel surely has to be opening up a nice cold beer or tinnie (as the Aussies call them!) as you bask in the ambience of this dramatic landscape.  As the sun sets, nature lights up the sky with a thousand colours casting shadows and the colour of the rock changes every minute, providing countless photographic opportunities.

Natives are really friendly and you’re likely to meet fellow gap year students too which is great in terms of networking and exchanging stories and tips around the campfire.  After a fun packed day of hiking, camel riding and kangaroo spotting, you’ll have no problems feeling as snug as a bug in your swag.

The landscape is so vast that it’s impossible to capture it all on one camera. You’ll just to have to plan a return trip! When thinking of gap year ideas, look no further than Australia.