Explore the dramatic Australian outback and Uluru

Gap year in AustraliaCamping in the Australian outback under the open sky, staring up at a dome of stars is exactly the kind of experience students usually hope for when planning a gap year in Australia.

Gap years in Australia often pack in as much as possible with various activities on offer Down Under encompassing everything from learning to surf to hugging a koala; visiting Ayers Rock to camping in the outback.

Outback trips usually comprise an early morning pick up from Alice Springs for an exciting four-and-a-half hour drive across the flat red plains.  After learning about how the giant sacred rock (also known as Uluru) was formed and some aboriginal history, why not hike around the base at your own leisure? Craters and changing formations make it look surreal and out of this world.

A highlight upon gap year travel surely has to be opening up a nice cold beer or tinnie (as the Aussies call them!) as you bask in the ambience of this dramatic landscape.  As the sun sets, nature lights up the sky with a thousand colours casting shadows and the colour of the rock changes every minute, providing countless photographic opportunities.

Natives are really friendly and you’re likely to meet fellow gap year students too which is great in terms of networking and exchanging stories and tips around the campfire.  After a fun packed day of hiking, camel riding and kangaroo spotting, you’ll have no problems feeling as snug as a bug in your swag.

The landscape is so vast that it’s impossible to capture it all on one camera. You’ll just to have to plan a return trip! When thinking of gap year ideas, look no further than Australia.


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