Day trips out of Sydney: Visiting the Blue Mountains

There are plenty of day trips out of Sydney. When planning your gap year travel in Australia, remember it’s not just about beaches! The Blue Mountains are a popular trip and lay just a 50 minute drive from Sydney.  There are also regular trains and plenty of tour companies that will take you there if you prefer to go in a group.

Australia Blue Mountains

Australia Blue Mountains

Photo opportunities not to be missed include the Three Sisters, which you’ll see on all the postcards. These magnificent rock formations stand tall, emerging from all the eucalyptus trees that expand way out into the horizon.

It’s the oil released from these trees that give off a blue halo, hence the Blue Mountains’ name.

Imagine yourself as a great adventurer discovering the region for the first time as you stand proud at one of the lookout points. It’s an experience to remember and maybe recommend to other gap year travellers. The mountains are great for walks and hikes with all routes well signposted for different levels and abilities. Whichever level you choose, make sure you are fully equipped, remembering walking boots, plenty of water and waterproofs! Walking up and down the 800 hundred or so stairs of the Giant Stairway can turn your legs into jelly but the stunning views make it all worthwhile.

Don’t worry too much if you are caught in the rain; when it stops, you might be lucky enough to catch the rainbows that dart high across the trees – yet another money-can’t-buy moment during your gap year travel.  Dry off and relax in the town of Katoomba. Treat yourself to tea and scones in a local cafe or browse the various boutiques. It will feel like you stepped back in time!


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