Cost Effective Sydney Stays

Sydney has one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire world: the Sydney Opera House. The city also exists within one of the most revered tourist hotspot countries, Australia (although it isn’t the capital city, as often thought). It is, therefore, no wonder that so many people want to visit, experiencing the laidback culture, world famous beaches and weather, as well as taking in the many sights.

Sydney Barbour Bridge

Sydney Barbour Bridge

There are also many people who want to visit but fear that the costs of such a trip are prohibitive. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as accommodation can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Of course, there are some top class hotels that can dent your wallet, but there are also a number of hostels in Sydney, providing a great place to rest and recuperate between busy days.

Base Hostel in Sydney

Base Hostel in Sydney

At the Base Hostel, a shared room can be bought for just £23 per person, while a private room with en-suite is only £43. The low prices don’t mean low services, though – the hostel has a bar, nightclub, Internet access, television room and is fully air conditioned.

Best of all, it’s located right in the heart of Sydney, behind the Queen Victoria building, and guests can walk to Sydney Tower and Cockle Bay Wharf in just a few minutes. Cockle Bay Wharf plays host to some of the best bars, restaurants and cafes to be found anywhere in Sydney. The hostel also includes a communal kitchen and common areas, so is a perfect place to meet fellow travellers and create some shared memories.


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